Friday, June 26, 2009

Doodle Feature

The premier issue of Doodle Brainz internet zine is up on their website. I am the featured doodler. Go ahead and read my lame interview here

I worked in my new studio for the first time yesterday! It was wonderful, I don't think I have ever been so productive.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekly Artist 6/22- Tonya Solly Thornton

(Here is my first attempt at a weekly artist section in this blog. Every week I will share a different artist whose work I adore.) And the first artist is:

She makes these cute and intricately constructed plant creatures. They are pretty great but its her installations that I and in LOVE with. She creates a world where everything looks candy coated and magical, with beautiful lighting, whimsical sounds and moving parts. You should check out the video on her website here

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I just bought /Younger Than Jesus/ Artist Directory ah! Its so great!

Also because of my ceramics I was looking at a book I bought a long time ago. Its pretty great too. Its a ceramics artist named Charles Krafft and the book is Charles Krafft's Villa Delirium

Doodle Zine

I will be featured in a zine put out by Doodle Brainz I did an interview for them today. Its goofy but it should be cool.

Also, I officially got a studio today. Its in Okaland, its tiny, and its shared between 5 other people. But its only $150 a month! I don't know when I will have time to go there, but its exciting just knowing that I can.

I think I might stop looking for a job for summer (since june is almost over anyways) (and I have no time to work all of the sudden) But it might be really nice to just enjoy what I'm doing right now. Most of my current endeavors end in august anyways. Fall = dream job?

More ceramics class. I think I'm going to try to make sculptures of my drawings... should be amazing if I can actually do it.

With the rest of the day today I'm building a big frame loom for a very thin thread weft. I'll put up a picture of it when its done!

Monday, June 22, 2009


First day of ceramic class! I'm not good at clay. But it is so much fun! Maybe I'll take my camera tomorrow and then post some pictures of my sad little pots.

Also, got the job as an artist assistant for David Gremard Romeroan. Did I already say his work is amazing? A little nuts maybe, but brilliant.

OH! and he had a glitter Mondrian! (not really a Mondrian obviously, but all in GLITTER) I almost died when I saw it, coolest thing ever.

Some how I have gone from freaking out about having too much free time to freaking out about having no time. I still have an interview on Thursday, but no more days to work.

Image of the day!

"The Poor Man's Art Car"
from here

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Complex Geometries

Although this is by no means intended to be a fashion blog I want to take a moment to obsess over Complex Geometries

While working at Robin Richman in Chicago I had the opportunity to meet the designer and play with all the clothes. I love love love them. I am counting down the days until fall, when I can buy the best hoodie ever.

Here are some photos:

California Art List

I now have a page on California Art List:
See it HERE

New Week

Tomorrow is the start of my busiest week since I've been back in California.

I start my ceramic class at Merritt College tomorrow! I'm super excited, but I don't know if it will last too long, its 4 days a week and all ready its taking up too much time.

Then I have an interview with David Gremard Romeroan, an artist in San Francisco for assistant work. He does paintings, textiles, ceramics, and drawings. The stuff looks amazing.

Then its off to Karaoke at Pyramid Brewery.

Still trying to come up with craft ideas for Youth Art Works. My mom came up with a project called "Green Cuisine" (she has been in Berkeley too long). Its essentially a cloth napkin folded with pockets sewn in for silverware. It then rolls up and had a ribbon the ties it shut.
I've found more ideas from Martha. One of my favorites is called "Sketchy Palls" but it would be better for younger kids I think. Then there is the pencil case. I've started making a rolled up pencil case too, kinda a combination of the pencil case and the "green cuisine".

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Work Work Work

Had my first day at Robindira Unsworth yesterday. It was wonderful and the weather in Petaluma is great. I organized jewelery for trunk shows all day. Their pieces are so beautiful.

Today its back to Studio 333. I would like to sell something today.

Trying to get a sample kit together for an interview I have next week with Youth Spirit Artworks. I am proposing a series of sewing projects but mostly I can think of ones for little kids, I need ideas for teen projects.

Also I rented a studio! I move in next week. It is a share with 4 other people, 3 glass artist, and one jewelery girl. It's going to be crowded.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

doodles, california, and bottle rocket

I have a drawing up on a website called Doodle Brainz. They are planning on putting out an e-mail zine type deal whitch I should also have some work in. They seem pretty cool and super excited about doodles.

Another new website I found is California Art List. They have free pages for artist and galleries. My page should be up in a week or so.

I just watched Bottle Rocket. As with a lot of movies I've seen lately, it was all fine up until the very end when I realize that the movie was completely depressing. It sneaks up on you. But I was glad to see anything other than Twin Peaks, my mom an I have been watching it non-stop for two weeks.

I have my first day at Robindira Unsworth tomorrow, hopefully all will go well.

First Post

I haven't quite sorted out what the title of this blog should be, or what exactly will be posted on it. We shall see how it goes for now.

-Kellyn Elspeth